Know where your salmon comes from

Because it is not just any salmon in a box - it is your best choice for a healthy lifestyle. This exclusive box of exquisite sockeye fillets is your best source of high quality proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. You will not find a better wild-caught sockeye salmon such as this anywhere else. Our salmon isn’t grown by humans or genetically designed in a laboratory, it’s raised by the Mother Nature. The way it was meant to be. That's why we decided to exclusively source our salmon from the remote and untamed beaches of the Bering Sea in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Salmon Box allows you direct access to this wild and unique natural resource to your front door.

  • Sourced and certified from a sustainable fishery.
  • Tractability to the time and date it was caught, frozen and shipped.
  • Complete control of your product from catch to your door.
  • Sourced from one location.
  • Wild Caught in the Bering Sea, Alaska, USA.
  • Am I having a negative impact on the environment?
  • How fresh is the fish I am buying?
  • How many outside parties are involved in this sale?
  • Where did my fish originally come from?
  • Am I consuming antibiotics, hormones and GMO?

Salmon Box does not compromise
quality over convenience.

We are dedicated to providing you with the premium quality, wild-caught and fresh-frozen sockeye salmon from Bering Sea and delivered directly to your doorstep. All of our salmon is USDC, FDA and MSC certified. To ensure every salmon gets processed at the peak of its freshness the facility operates 24 hours per day. All of the Salmon Box production is frozen within a few hours of being caught with the pin bones left in the fillet.

As fresh as if you've just
caught it yourself.

In each and every type of seafood the number one quality attribute is freshness. The inspiration for the creation of the Salmon Box is based on this obvious and simple principle of freshness. This principle of freshness is why we choose this specific fishery. It’s nearby location, production efficiency, high quality, along with its sustainability and traceability, is making Salmon Box a new and unique product in the world of wild salmon.

With the pin bones in, all of the salmon in Salmon Box takes only 4-6h to be frozen from the moment it’s caught, and that’s rare in this industry.

Fresh Caught

A very unique location

The unique fishing operation on the banks of Nushagak River in Bristol Bay is one of the most efficient in the world of wild sockeye salmon. The fishing fleet uses the “setnet” fishing method, which is old school, pulls the net as the fish is being caught and then transports the salmon in heavy slush ice to the processing facility for immediate processing. The fact that the processing facility is located in the middle of the fishing grounds gives Salmon Box a distinct and unequaled advantage in quality of freshness over it's competition.